Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Make Good Pets

The saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend” is true for a reason. Need more reasons why dogs are good pets? Here’s Big Al’s top ten.

1. They’re Constant Companions

Dogs love people, probably more than any other animal does. Whether you live alone or with family, a dog provides steady companionship so you’re never really alone.

2. They Help You Enjoy the Outdoors

Getting outside is important, and since dogs love the outdoors, they’ll motivate you to get out in nature. Plus, they keep you safe on rural trails.

3. They Encourage You to Get More Exercise

Not only do dogs help you get outdoors, but they also help you get more exercise. Their enthusiasm often rubs off on their owners.

4. Their Presence Makes You Less Susceptible to Illness

Studies have shown that dog owners generally stay healthier than people who don’t have pets. The reason for this is most likely due to their calming effect.

5. They Act as Protectors

Dogs help keep both you and your home safe. Many dogs can sense danger or aggression, and they’ll act accordingly in order to protect you, the “alpha.”

6. They Live Long Lives

Other pets, like fish, hamsters, and even some cats, don’t live as long as dogs. A child who gets a dog often has a pet who watches them grow into adulthood.

7. They Bond with Children

While it sometimes depends on the breed, most dogs naturally love kids. This affection can help your child feel loved and appreciated, and you won’t have to worry about adding to your family.

8. They Teach Responsibility

Kids and adults who care for dogs learn important traits like responsibility. While dogs need exercise, routine, and guidance, providing these needs helps you develop your own character.

9. They Love Making Friends

Many other pets are solitary by nature, but dogs love meeting other dogs. This means that it’s easier for you to make friends too, by spending time at the dog park or making a play date with your friend’s dog and yours.

10. They Boost Your Spirits

Dogs have the wonderful ability to make humans happier. Their constant love and attention helps ward off depression, pain and anxiety. There are many pets you can choose for yourself and your family, and a dog is a great option.