Top 10 Reasons Why a Bird Could Be the Best Choice for Your Family

Potential pet owners often overlook pets of a feathery nature. If you’re considering a pet, petoverstock has some reasons why birds may be the best choice for your family.

1. They’re Inexpensive

Adopting a larger animal like a dog or a cat can be very expensive, depending on where you go. Birds, however, especially small birds, are pretty cheap.

2. They’re Easy to Care For

Birds require minimal care. You’ll want to clean the bottom of its cage about once a week and make sure it has enough food and water each day.

3. They Like Being Social

Like most pets, birds love people. Each bird has a unique personality, so you won’t feel like you’re getting an animal that doesn’t have its own character.

4. They Live a Long Life

Depending on the bird, these pets can live anywhere from a few years to a few decades. This means their longevity can even rival cats and dogs.

5. They Don’t Need Much Space

Birds just need a cage to call home. Just make sure you get a cage that’s big enough for your bird to roam freely.

6. Many Landlords Don’t Consider Them Pets

Pet fees can be expensive; that is, if you can even find a place that allows pets. Fortunately, many landlords and managers don’t see birds as pets since they’re so small and inconspicuous.

7. They Can Be Trained to Do Tricks

Many people don’t know that birds are extremely bright creatures that can learn fun tricks. Even parakeets can learn stunts and even how to mimic certain sounds.

8. They’re Natural Alarm Clocks

Birds are morning creatures by nature. They’ll act as a natural alarm clock for your family by chirping sweetly in your ears.

9. Their Food Is Relatively Inexpensive

Birdseed is quite cheap, and since birds are very small, they don’t need much food per day.

10. Their Lovable in Exchange for Proper Care

Cleaning a birdcage and supplying a bird with food and water is something that a kid can do without much supervision.

Birds aren’t for everyone, but for many families, they make great pets.