Ten Great Reasons to Have a Cat

Cats are one of the most enduringly popular pets in the United States. Small, affectionate, and playful, cats make ideal pets for all kinds of people. Not only does a cat offer exceptional companionship, their adaptability makes them suitable for all kinds of living arrangements. Here are ten other reasons why cats make great pets.

1. Cats are great family pets. Cats are most likely to get along with adults, older children, and teens.

2. Cats are playful. Be careful, though – a cat will turn anything into a toy. To avoid damage to your important items and injury to your cat, purchase a few affordable toys made especially for cats. These can include:

• Small fur-covered mice
• Little pillows stuffed with catnip
• Carpeted climbing trees
• Feathered wigglers
• Soft balls

3. Those relaxing purrs. The sound of a cat purring is one of the most relaxing sounds you will ever hear. The purr also lets you know that your cat is content and happy.

4. Cats are surprisingly loyal. Though dogs are known for being the most loyal of pets, cats know their family and are quite attached to the people they live with.

5. Cats like contact. Most cats appreciate a scratch behind their ears or under their chin. Petting a cat is relaxing for you and your cat.

6. Easily trained to the litter box. Cats naturally look for places to bury their waste. Convenient litter box solutions let cats live comfortably in all kinds of settings.

7. Space to be alone. Focused periods of socializing are followed by several hours of napping. Cats can be left alone during the day so long as they have plenty of love and affection while you are home.

8. Simple care. Compared to many other animals, cats have relatively few care needs. Regular vet checks are essential and long haired cats should be brushed frequently.

9. Cats can be trained. Cats can be taught to come to certain words or signals, like bells or chimes.

10. Most cats love company. Two cats will keep each other company while you are away during the day. Most cats enjoy being around others.